UK Snow — Time Lapse

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This is essentially the same concept as Ben Marsh's #uksnow map, except that this map animates tweets over time.

You can read the actual tweets by clicking on any of the blue snow flakes. And if you want your own tweet to appear on the map, tweet something like;

It's really started to #uksnow here and I hope I don't die in an avalanche! BS41 5/10

By default the last 1000 tweets are loaded, however you can also load this year's complete archive (approx 11783Kb). Or you can load previous year's archives 2009/10 (~8MB) | 2010/11 (~24MB) | 2011/12 (~8MB). Careful though, archives are very large and can take a lot of resources to run smoothly. For best results run this site in Google Chrome.


Time Window — this controls approximately the period of time that each frame of the animation is displaying. So a small 1 minute window will only ever show a few tweets at once, where as a 60 minute window will show a lot.

Delay — this is basically just how fast the animation runs. Negative values work differently by actually dropping tweets in order to find more speed per cycle.

Tweet No. — This is literally the current tweet in the animation.

Oh YeahStart and Stop, uh, start and stop the animation :)

Of course kudos and credit to Ben Marsh for the whole #uksnow map idea in the first place.

I must also thank Jos Buivenga (exljbris) for the font (Fontin) used on this site (for the those of you with @font-face enabled browsers).

Cloud satellite imagery is courtesy of the Met Office.

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This is an experimnetal feature at the moment. Just click the "Clouds" checkbox in the top-left of the map to enable it.

There's a bug at the moment where the satellite images seem to 'overload' the map animation causing it to eventually grind to a hault. So I've had to implement a sort of 'flushing' feature where all the map and snow data is removed from memory every so often to allow the animation to speed up again. However, this has the undesirable side-effect of causing a temporary, but unsightly, loss of clouds and snow :(

Also note that when loading the archives there is no cloud data for 2009/10 and that for 2010/11 there's intermittent cloud data before November 23rd because of sloppy archiving code, oops :D

Cloud satellite imagery is courtesy of the Met Office.

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